Day: November 25, 2016

How Cognition Relies on Patterns

“Reciting the alphabet backward should be a simple task, as it involves exactly the same information as reciting it forward, yet we are generally unable to do it.” […] “…our memories are sequential and in order. They can be accessed in the order that they are remembered.” Memories are stored in the brain in ways […]

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Creativity and the Trouble with Incubation

For some time people have broken creativity into four stages. The preparation stage involves accumulating knowledge; the Incubation stage involves letting that knowledge sit in the back of your mind while you do something else; the Illumination stage consists of a flash of insight; the Validation stage is where you consider the idea critically. Stories abound of a-ha moments in the shower and […]

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The Three Laws of Robotics

Intelligent machines are not far off. The phone in your pocket is already more powerful than many older super computers. As things progress and self-learning algorithms become smarter, it becomes essential to safeguard ourselves from possible harm at the hand—erm, robotic limbs—of the machines. Isaac Asimov, the great sci-fi writer and witty cultural critic laid […]

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