Awareness Is Information That You’re Not Aware Of

Consciousness and the Social Brain“In introspecting, in asking yourself whether you have an awareness of something, and in making the decision that you have it, what you are deciding on, what you are assessing, the actual stuff your decision engine is collecting, weighing, and concluding that you have, is information. Strictly speaking, the neuronal machinery is deciding that certain information is present in your brain at a signal strength above a threshold.”

Michael Graziano, a neuroscientist and puppeteer, explores the nature of consciousness, awareness and attention in Consciousness and the Social Brain. He argues that awareness is composed of information, but that we don’t see it this way.

“Consciousness is composed of information that says, in effect, “This information is not information.””

The reason why, is simply that we don’t need to see it this way. There is no advantage to our knowing the inner working of attention or awareness because they function perfectly well without this knowledge.

“…the brain finds no basis whatsoever for concluding that awareness is merely information because the information does not describe itself that way.”

The rest of Graziano’s book is enlightening in it’s entirety. Get it from Amazon.