Information and Disruption in the Future

Industries of the future“Everywhere, newly empowered citizens and networks of citizens are challenging the established order in ways never before imaginable—from building new business models to challenging old autocracies.”

Alec Ross explores the current changes and future possibilities regarding our lives and the industries that populate the globe.

“The near future will see robot suits that allow paraplegics to walk, designer drugs that melt away certain forms of cancer, and computer code being used as both an international currency and a weapon to destroy physical infrastructure halfway around the world.”

If the rate of change continues, life everywhere will be in flux, uncertainty will wash over us all. While things might get better, to extents we’ve not yet experienced, it is difficult for any of us to be sure it won’t get far worse, at least for some.

“Across large swaths of the globe, people feel newly under siege by rising inequality and unwelcome disruption. A pervasive sense that it is becoming harder to find your place in the world or get ahead is rattling many societies.”

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