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Can We Build AI Without Losing Control Over It?

The fear over intelligent machines taking over and killing us all has been around for some time now. The Terminators glowing eye and the smoldering ruins of a once thriving city remain imprinted in our minds. Just how warranted are these fears? And perhaps more importantly, what are we doing about them? Sam Harris, author […]

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How Will Our Relationship with Robots Evolve?

“The ancient Shinto religion, practiced by 80 percent of Japanese, includes a belief in animism, which holds that both objects and human beings have spirits. As a result, Japanese culture tends to be more accepting of robot companions as actual companions than is Western culture, which views robots as soulless machines. In a culture where […]

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The Three Laws of Robotics

Intelligent machines are not far off. The phone in your pocket is already more powerful than many older super computers. As things progress and self-learning algorithms become smarter, it becomes essential to safeguard ourselves from possible harm at the hand—erm, robotic limbs—of the machines. Isaac Asimov, the great sci-fi writer and witty cultural critic laid […]

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