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Immortality Through Silicon

From the outside the difference between the biology of our brain and the technology in a computer couldn’t be more dramatic. One has living cells and neurotransmitters, neurons and blood vessels, the other has wires and circuit boards. Despite this, the principles that govern how they work are close enough that many believe they can crossover—that […]

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How Cognition Relies on Patterns

“Reciting the alphabet backward should be a simple task, as it involves exactly the same information as reciting it forward, yet we are generally unable to do it.” […] “…our memories are sequential and in order. They can be accessed in the order that they are remembered.” Memories are stored in the brain in ways […]

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Train Your Brain

“There is no soreness in your cortex the day after a particularly tough training session. You don’t have to go out and buy new hats because the old ones are now too small. You don’t develop a six-pack on your forehead. And because you can’t see any changes in your brain, it’s easy to assume […]

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