The Internet Diet

The Shallows“The Net has become my all-purpose medium, the conduit for most of the information that flows through my eyes and ears and into my mind.”

Nicholas Carr describes the tumoltuous relationship between his brain and the internet. Something that at first seemed harmless and in many beneficial, but that soon took a turn for the worse.

“Calm, focused, undistracted, the linear mind is being pushed aside by a new kind of mind that wants and needs to take in and dole out information in short, disjointed, often overlapping bursts—the faster, the better.”

Years of using the internet began changing the workings of Carrs mind in ways he was not comfortable with.

“At first I’d figured that the problem was a symptom of middle-age mind rot. But my brain, I realized, wasn’t just drifting. It was hungry. It was demanding to be fed the way the Net fed it—and the more it was fed, the hungrier it became.”

Read more in Nicholas Carr’s The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains.