Train Your Brain

Peak“There is no soreness in your cortex the day after a particularly tough training session. You don’t have to go out and buy new hats because the old ones are now too small. You don’t develop a six-pack on your forehead. And because you can’t see any changes in your brain, it’s easy to assume that there really isn’t much going on.”

Assuming not much is going on is what many in the past did. It was thought the brain remained stable throughout a lifetime. Things such as intelligence and talent were built in from the beginning, unwavering until you die.

This notion has been flipped on its head recently has research has shed light on just how malleable the brain is. Every experience, every thought, and every action change the brain in some way. New connections are formed between neurons, while others are broken down.

“The brain, like the body, changes most quickly in that sweet spot where it is pushed outside—but not too far outside—its comfort zone.”

Anders Ericsson takes a closer look at this adaptable brain and relates it to our ability to learn and master new skills. Check out his book Peak: Secrets from the New Science of Expertise, available through Amazon.