Human Nature Walks

Human Nature Walks

Human Nature Walks

Take a hike through deep green forests and across wide open fields, all the while learning about who you are and where your place in the world is.

Unlike other guided tours, Wisdom Treks involve relatively light daily treks during which we discuss heavy philosophical questions—what is consciousness? what is the meaning of life? what should I do with my time? what makes people happy?

At the main campsite we have a small library and our guides are here to offer advice and recommendations.

Check out the options below:

Biology of Mind

Learn about how the brain learns and makes sense of the world around us. This trek takes place in the mountains surrounding the Queenstown and Wanaka regions.

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Philosophy of Mind

What is the nature of consciousness? We don’t quite know, but people have theories. This trek takes you along the shores of lake Taupo, down towards Mount Ruapehu.

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What makes us happy? Can we learn to be happy all the time? This trek has us soaking up the sun in the Coromandel peninsula, when golden beaches await.

Morals and Ethics

What is right? What makes something good or bad? Find out as you explore the stunning scenery in the Marlborough sounds.